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Oregon's premier wholesaler of live and processed Dungeness Crab and crawfish. 

Happy Crab Seafood

      Welcome to Happy Crab Seafood website and showing interest in our products. We are a processor and Wholesaler of Dungeness Crab.  Live and value added products are our specialty. Meeting your needs, our priority!

      Established in 1988 Happy Crab Seafoods is the oldest company in the Live Crab Industry in Oregon. We buy live crab from California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. We attempt to have live crab 12 months of the year (weather dependent). Happy Crab is HACCP certified and the first member of the Marine Stewardship Council for live crab in the State of Oregon, promoting sustainability of the Dungeness Crab Fishery.

      Need a wholesale crab supplier? We specialize in shipping Dungeness Live Crab nationwide.  If you're a restaurant, market or distributor and want Dungeness Live Crab, Dungeness Crab Meat, and Crawfish we can help. For pricing,  product details and questions please contact us at (503) 285-7154 or by email joe@happycrabseafoods.com

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